Mark Cawley - Coaching Songwriters and Artists

Why am I sure my coaching works?

I’ve spent my life working with fantastic, creative people. I'm fortunate enough to have a long list of credits as a songwriter: from Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Taylor Dayne, Diana Ross,Tom Scott, Russ Taff, Kathy Mattea and Wynonna, to Pop Idol winners around the world and pop stars like the Spice Girls and Billie Piper. My songs have appeared on more than 15 million records to date. I’ve watched and listened.

Along the way I’ve learned countless tools to improve creativity, overcome writer's block, burn out, stay inspired when the muse goes missing, social media presence, understand the music and publishing businesses, co-writing etiquette, deal with the pressures from inside and out, and even how to raise a family and keep my sanity in this business.

Most importantly for you, I love to pass this on by working one-on-one with songwriters and artists. I can help you write with intention and clarity by letting you inside pro songwriting and sharing what has worked - not only for me but countless friends who have inspired me over the years. Some of my clients are getting cuts, some developing a fan base and some are writing just for the pure joy of creating. They all have a common goal: to write a great song. I’m seeing coaching work for them every day.

You’re a writer and you know this is not just a job, it’s your life. No matter what your current level of skill is I can help you create a writer's toolbox ... for life. This is no “sit in the back of the class experience". This is one-on-one, you and I, designing our sessions based on what you want to know via Skype, FaceTime, phone, or in-person.

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