Just a few of the topics you can expect to cover in our sessions:

  • Permission to be a songwriter
  • Create a mission statement for you as a songwriter
  • Whats it going to take to make this your career?
  • Country, Pop and other genres
  • Creating a songwriters ritual
  • How to look for those "big ideas"
  • The organized songwriter
  • Concepts every writer should know
  • Four stages of creative writing
  • What do people look for in a great lyric?
  • The importance of color and detail
  • How to "paint a picture"
  • Sensory writing
  • Powerful melody writing
  • ABC's of song structure
  • The role of each part of your song
  • Can I write a hit?
  • Smart song deconstruction
  • Co-writing etiquette
  • Mastering the skill of listening
  • Making the right demo choices
  • My own toolbox tips
  • The music business
  • A guide to publishing
  • Self promotion and social media for songwriters
  • How to get and take that big meeting!

Who is a good candidate for coaching?

  • Singer/Songwriters - If you're trying to make it as an artist way beyond those open mic nights
  • Songwriters - Non-Performing
  • Pro Songwriters - Brush up on your skills and learn some new techniques
  • Producers - To be more creative during the writing process
  • Recreational Songwriters - If you just want to write better songs!
  • Artists and Bands - Get on the same page, including song splits
 Mark Teaching a workshop at Sweetwater for gearfest 2016

Mark Teaching a workshop at Sweetwater for gearfest 2016