Artist/Songwriters Rhonda & Greg… Testify!

 Rhonda and Greg are a husband and wife team from Indy and were among the very first clients I had last year. We’ve spent time on lyrics, melody , demoing and social media and it’s been a great learning experience for all of us. Love working with them and plan to continue throughout this year. Thanks so much for all your hard work guys!

- Mark

iDoCoach clients Rhonda and Greg Baker

iDoCoach clients Rhonda and Greg Baker

Working with Mark Cawley has been a God send – literally. We were feeling very discouraged about our future in this crazy business of music, when out of the blue we received an invitation to check out his coaching services. Mark inspired our songwriting in our very first session with his positive motivation and insightful songwriting lessons. Throughout our sessions, Mark taught us to be true to our craft and to not be afraid of our voice. Mark also energized our music promotion with his innovative ideas about online marketing and connecting to fans.  Mark’s coaching sessions have been an immeasurable asset in boosting our music career. Thanks Mark!

Rhonda and Greg
Indianapolis, IN