Testimonial from Portland Artist/Songwriter Nicole Wells

I met Nicole while doing a Nashville to Portland Skype session. She is a member of the West Coast Songwriters Group and one of the best writers I critiqued that day . She signed on for coaching and she has been amazing! A gifted artist and songwriter, she’s preparing a new project with a cool direction and some inspired songwriting, thanks Nicole!

- Mark

 Longtime iDoCoach client singer songwriter Nicole Wells

Longtime iDoCoach client singer songwriter Nicole Wells

“I have felt for far too long that I am stuck in a game of freeze tag.  Somewhere along the way, out in the play yard of songwriting and artistry, I got tagged and did whatever I could do while standing in the same place, so as not to break the rules of the game.  Upon meeting Mark, I knew I needed to contact him for coaching.  It was an easy decision and in less than six weeks, I am moving at a pace that leaves a streak as I pass by those who are cheering me on.  Thank you, Mark, for  ”un-tagging” me, pointing me in the right direction, and giving me the freedom and tools to run again.  I am so excited for what is yet to come.”

Nicole Wells, artist/songwriter
Sherwood, OR