Singer And “New” Songwriter… Joan Miller!

 Joan found me through our mutual love for Wynonna. I’ve written for Wy ( My Angel Is Here) before and Joan fell in love with country music through the Judds. I knew I was in for a different coaching experience when she decided she’d rather drive from Ohio to Nashville than use Skype for our first session! What I really respected was the fact that she wanted to learn from someone who had done what she wanted to do. I’m the same way, if I’m going to invest time and money I want to know the person has actually had success with what I want to learn. So we worked together to develop a plan to get a project recorded. I’m happy to say I was able to introduce her to Wynonna’s guitarist Bob Britt and she’ll be recording her EP with Bob in December. The huge added bonus to me was in coaching her I found she had a real talent for writing country lyrics. I asked her to take a shot and what came back was pretty well developed and structurally waaaaay more than she had led me to believe she was capable of. Looking forward to hearing her first project soon!

- Mark

iDoCoach client Joan Miller

iDoCoach client Joan Miller

When you talk about a new kid in town, you would be talking about me. Although far removed from being a kid, I have had a passion for music, mostly singing all my life. I used to sing in a band, and in recent years I’ve been told, after singing in church and for fun, that I have missed my calling.  I don’t want to miss my calling, but I knew that I needed someone with the talent, experience and honesty to help me sort the reality from the wishful thinking.  I came to Mark seeking to discover how my interest in singing could evolve into something more.  Mark has helped me tremendously with that process, but he hasn’t stopped there.  He has helped me discover a talent for songwriting that I didn’t know I had, has educated me on the state of the industry, and has been guiding my steps and holding me accountable to keep me on tract.  I found him to be an authentic and experienced guide, and he has been invaluable in setting realistic goals.

In the short four months I have entrusted to Mark as my coach, he has launched me forward into a unique discovery that I feel not many people in my position would have the opportunity to experience so quickly.  I am forever grateful for having worked with Mark and that I can also call him a trusted friend is a wonderful bonus.

- Joan Bing Miller