Doctor, Doctor, Gimmie The News!!

Steve has been with me almost since I started coaching last year and is the best. As you’ll read, he’s a doctor with a passion for songwriting. Whats made it really fun for me is Steve is learning for all the best reasons, he just wants to excel. He’s not overly concerned about how commercial  his song is , following the flavor of the month or future adulation. He writes for his soul. He’s also a great music fan and champion of local musicians and songwriters. He’s become a good friend over these sessions and I really look forward to checking in with him every time. Thanks Steve!

- Mark

iDoCoach client Steve Carlson

iDoCoach client Steve Carlson

If you are hesitating, do not!!! Mark is the very real deal.  Whether you are just exploring song writing (as I have been) or are already well experienced, you will do yourself a great favor by working with Mark.  Above all, Mark is an upstanding, sincere person. However, from there he brings years of experience and a multitude of wisdom, having thoroughly gone up and down the path we are on ourselves.  The beauty of Mark’s mentoring is that he has applied his knowledge in a way to personally fit my needs.

I am a developing songwriter who works as a physician on the side. I have a passion for songwriting and Mark has been able to diagnose where I am in the process and then provide a prescription to develop my skills. Mark is a great mentor who has made me feel at ease with the process, yet has not failed to challenge me. I apologize for the cliché, but he is just what the doctor ordered.

With each session I become a more proficient and effective writer and it is under the mentoring and tutelage of Mark that I am getting closer to my goals. My journey under his guidance is evidence; Mark will enrich and develop your songwriting skills, no matter how far along you are in the process.

Steve Carlson aka Panic Stricken Carlson
Indianapolis, IN