Indy’s Joe Paulson

Joe is an up and coming young singer songwriter from Indianapolis. We conducted or sessions via Skype video and it was a pleasure to get to know him and to hear what he’s coming up with now!


In an industry as competitive as the music industry, it is difficult to find a helping hand to guide you through your evolution as a songwriter.

Some may encourage you along the way but may not be able to provide insight that effectively improves your songwriting skills.  Others may “tell you like it is”, which may provide a much needed professional critique of your song, but at the expense of killing your love for musical composition.

Mark provides a beautiful marriage of the two, linking the need for encouragement and nurturing as a songwriter to the need for objective, professional insight in order to continually improve your songwriting capabilities.

With decades of professional songwriting and music industry experience, Mark tailors each session to focus on important aspects of songwriting and the music industry while still personalizing it to meet the needs of any songwriter at any level of experience.

I took Mark’s course for four weeks and he imparted knowledge to me that dramatically and positively changed the way I write and play music.  Whether you want to sell songs to the industry or just write songs to enjoy the beauty of music, I would recommend his courses to any and all songwriters.

Mark has become a profound influence on my songwriting, a continual mentor, and a good friend!