Testimonial from Michael Read

Here’s a great testimonial from a client. Thanks, Michael!

Mike Read, Ron Townsend and Steve Carlson at my NSAI Indianapolis workshop

Mike Read, Ron Townsend and Steve Carlson at my NSAI Indianapolis workshop

My name is Michael Read – I was the principal songwriter for Roadmaster and have written songs for various CD projects, ads, and movie scores, worked with the Turtles, Mitch Ryder, Henry Lee Summer, Carl Storie, and others. I’ve known Mark Cawley for almost four decades and have been witness to his songwriting development and success. Even in those early days, Mark had an uncanny knack for songwriting and pursued and developed his craft with passion.

I have wanted to improve my writing and took Mark’s coaching class via Skype and I recommend this for anyone who is serious about improving their skills in any area of their choosing. What better way to do so than to work with one of the most respected songwriters in the business? The area we worked on most was lyric writing which is my weakest area. The tips, methods, ideas, criticisms were all exactly what I needed. Ways to gather ideas, places to look for ideas, how to hone and perfect your ideas, and committing to working on and finishing these ideas. We also talked about marketing, focus, commitment (areas that a lot of us as musicians need to work on), ways to avoid blocks and keep the ideas coming. If you are looking to succeed as an artist rather than just a songwriter, Mark has worked with many such clients and the results are there to see.

Don’t forget that one gets out of something what they put into it. Mark is a great coach, especially to someone who wants to do the work and is committed to improvement. 

Indianapolis, Indiana