Kind words from Nashville Artist Meghan Shanley

Meghan is the first Artist/Songwriter I coached with my new service. A former Miss Virginia with a huge voice and talent. She’s on the verge!

Meghan Shanley

Meghan Shanley

"Before working with Mark, I was highly intimidated by the “writing community” of Nashville and had a hard time calling myself a writer.

However, Mark helped me learn how to draw from every aspect of life to nurture a continuous creative process versus sitting down for an hour or two at a time to write.

Mark broke down the process of writing to help me see exactly where roadblocks were occurring and how to overcome them.

He has helped me to think outside the box I have kept myself in and trust my choices as an artist.

It’s hard to find a person who is truly qualified to be considered a “coach” in Nashville.  It’s even harder to find that person with a good heart and a true desire to help you grow your artistry.

But Mark Cawley is that person and I highly recommend him!”